That the chair will be one of the research centers specializing in cultural and literary studies in Jordan.


Seeking to enhance the importance of literary and cultural creativity in Jordan, documenting and monitoring
it to reflect the cultural and literary face in Jordan.


- Collecting documents, photos, and papers related to Arar and its historical stage, preserving them, classifying them, unpacking them, and presenting them in an appropriate form that allows researchers to refer to them.
- Holding a permanent exhibition of some documents, photos, and private papers at the chair's headquarters, which are of great literary and political importance to life in Jordan in the first half of the twentieth century.
- Establishing a private library that includes the published and manuscript antiquities of Arar, and collecting university theses, books, research, articles, and the resulting artworks: TV seminars Radio, documentaries, plays...
- Seeking to obtain documents and papers related to Jordanian personalities who contributed to cultural, literary, and intellectual life, especially during the stage of establishing the Jordanian state.
- Organizing symposia and scientific meetings that discuss literary and cultural life in Jordan, highlighting the role of the pioneers of writers and intellectuals in informing
  it, studying their effects and working to publish what has not been published.
- Establishing an official website for the chair that allows researchers to view its holdings of documents, photos, special papers, texts, and studies related to the chair’s work and objectives, and to highlight its activities.
- Directing graduate students to write theses on literary and cultural life and its symbols in Jordan.
- Create a website known as the chair, its holdings, activities, and projects.
- Cooperating with researchers from the university and abroad to carry out studies that are consistent with the objectives of the chair.
- Providing all studies concerned with literature in Jordan and placing them before researchers.
- Sponsoring youth creativity through practical activities and research seminars in cooperation with cultural institutions.
- Deepening belonging and loyalty through literature studies in Jordan.
- Providing databases for researchers in literature in Jordan.
- The work and activities of the Chair are not limited to Arar and his works, but rather go beyond it to serving the national culture in general, with a focus on the              historical and foundational stage of the life of the Jordanian state, which witnessed the formation of the Jordanian national identity based on political, cultural and         social factors that require research and scientific reading, and documenting processes Reveal the picture of life at that stage, and this is what was put in the
  the framework of the long-term plan of the chair.
- Opening bridges of cooperation with cultural institutions and national and Arab universities to carry out joint activities.
- Working on community service, and interacting with cultural institutions to hold conferences, lectures, and seminars.
- Providing advice to researchers in the field of literature in Jordan.