The Department of the Arar Chair for Cultural and Literary Studies at Yarmouk University works on:

 Projects intended to be implemented, and need financial support 

  Existing projects

The establishment of the “Museum of Cultural Life” is affiliated with the Arar Chair, where the necessary plans have been prepared for the project. This museum will be a unique facility, in which each flag of culture in Jordan - especially the departed - will be allocated a special corner containing its relics and presenting a clear picture of its journey.

 Arar Prize for Literary Creativity


Establishing a cultural garden affiliated with the museum that serves the local and cultural community, intellectuals, and art people in the Kingdom and its visitors, so that this garden, with the design developed for it, will be the first of its kind in our Arab region.

Publishing the work of the seminars held by the chair in paper and electronic versions and placing them on the chair's website.